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Tare Function Kitchen Scales Measuring Tools & Scales Rechargeable Battery

Tare Function Kitchen Scales Measuring Tools & Scales Rechargeable Battery

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The PZC portion control model is available in 5 and 10 lb capacity. This equipment is a robust, well-constructed scale ideal for pizzerias, delis and restaurants. This digital portion control scale can toggle among ounces, pounds and kilograms by the push of a button that will allow you to weight any of your ingredients with perfect accuracy. The very convenient foot tare pedal allows for hands free use of the scale. Its progressive tare function is designed to offset the weight of dough so you can accurately measure each batch of ingredients. The PZC model has a stainless steel cabinet and platter to ensure extended durability and easy to clean surface. The 9 5/8" x 7 13/16" platter presents versatile platform that can accurately weight infinite diversity of ingredients. The long adjustable display accommodates large containers, bowls and even whole pizzas. The PZC model comes equipped with a large LCD alphanumeric display with included backlight to clearly show the weight of portioned items even in dark areas.

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