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Feeds 10 Chickens up to 11 Days Galvanized Steel Poultry Feeder

Feeds 10 Chickens up to 11 Days Galvanized Steel Poultry Feeder

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VEVOR Automatic Chicken Feeder - the perfect solution for poultry feeding needs!


The treadle chicken feeder is capable of holding 25 lbs/11 kg of feed. With multiple adjustable angles and side panel protection, this feeder enables quick identification and efficient feeding for your poultry, saving you time and costs.


The magnetic lock protects your feed from wild birds, preventing theft.


Our poultry feeder is designed with a non-slip pedal, ensuring a stable feeding experience for your poultry.


Made from high-quality galvanized steel, the chicken feeder withstands extreme outdoor conditions. It is rain-proof and waterproof, keeping the feed clean and fresh.


Three angle adjustments and side panel protection allow poultry to easily identify and adapt to feeding, improving adaptation. Equipped with dual-side buffers, the feeder for chickens closes quietly to minimize disturbance to your poultry.

Features & Details

  • 25 lbs Large Capacity: Our self-service automatic chicken feeder offers a spacious storage space, holding up to 25 lbs/11 kg of feed. It can feed 10 chickens for about 11 days, allowing them to eat freely without the need for constant supervision or intervention. Save time on daily feeding routines!
  • Feed Protection: Designed with a magnetic lock, our treadle chicken feeder prevents wild birds from opening it and stealing the feed. This not only saves on feed costs but also eliminates wastage.
  • Slip-proof Pedal: The poultry feeder with a non-slip pedal, ensures that your poultry can eat without slipping and maintaining a stable stance. This promotes proper feeding habits and helps them adapt to the feeder more quickly.
  • Premium Material: Our chicken feeder is constructed with high-quality galvanized steel, built to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. It is durable, resistant to rain, and offers excellent rust protection, keeping the feed clean and fresh.
  • Easy Adaptation: With three adjustable angles, our feeder for chickens allows poultry to gradually adapt to it. The side protection plates guide them to the correct feeding position, preventing them from eating on both sides and reducing training costs.


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