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Covered Kitten Scratch Posts for Indoor Cats

Covered Kitten Scratch Posts for Indoor Cats

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Cat Scratching Post Cat Scratcher for Large Cats with Interactive Balls Sisal Covered Kitten Scratch Posts for Indoor Cats


  • Reinforced Dual-Base for Stability: This tall cat scratching post features a 2-layers stacking base that is different from small cat scratcher can provides excellent stability, ensuring the cat scratch post heavy enough so that the cat scratcher is more stable and won't tip over easily.

  • Taller Scratching Post for Bigger Pets: The 33" height of this scratching post suits perfectly for both larger cats and kittens, giving them ample space to stretch and scratch,which satisfy cat's instinct of scratching.

  • Unique Palm Design: With its beautiful palm leaves and coconut balls, this cat scratching post is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, creating a wilderness amusement atmosphere for cat.

  • Modern Green Decor: This scratching post comes with two colors optional, green and brown. Heights of cat scratchers is adjustable and the shape of the palm leaves can be DIY according to your preference.

  • Easy Installation & Trustworthy After-Sale: All tools are included, the scratching post can be assembled in a few minutes without any trouble. If you need any help, just feel free to contact us at any time, we will respond to you immediately.


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