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Wide Retractable Gate for Kids or Pets Retractable Dog Gates

Wide Retractable Gate for Kids or Pets Retractable Dog Gates

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VEVOR 60in/76.8in/116in Retractable Baby Gate: Your Family's Guardian of Safety



Our retractable baby gates feature an anti-crawl bottom strip, adding an extra layer of security. It ensures that pets or children can't easily crawl underneath, providing peace of mind for parents and added safety for pets.


Our one-step open design comes to the rescue when your hands are tied up with other tasks, such as carrying items or tending to your little ones. Our retractable gate allows quick and effortless operation without complicated unlocking steps, greatly enhancing convenience during use.


The mesh baby gate's adjustable installation position enhances its adaptability to different doorways or staircase widths. Plus, the gap-free bottom design ensures higher safety, preventing potential hazards for pets or children.


When you don't need the mesh gate, the retractable design allows you to easily stow it away, restoring the passage to its original state with no obstructions. This offers tremendous flexibility for households, allowing you to switch seamlessly between space separation and open access.


Our retractable baby gate is suitable for various spaces, including playrooms, kitchens, hallways, stairs, and bedrooms. It provides a safe activity area for both pets and children.

Features & Details

  • Anti-Crawl Bottom Strip: The natural curiosity and active nature of both pets and toddlers often lead them to attempt to crawl through various obstacles. Our retractable baby gates are equipped with a special anti-crawl bottom strip, ensuring that they won't easily squeeze through the gate and reducing the risk of injury caused by gaps at the bottom.
  • Easy One-Handed Operation: Our retractable baby gate's one-step open design requires no need for two hands or extra steps. You can easily pass through the gate with a simple movement, even when carrying items. No more back-and-forth handling or repeated locking/unlocking.
  • Adjustable Installation: The installation connectors can be adjusted up and down, allowing you to minimize gaps at the bottom when installing in areas with baseboards. Our retractable gate is suitable for installation in various locations in your home, such as playrooms, kitchens, hallways, stairs, bedrooms, and more.
  • Secure Mesh Design: The mesh material is soft and gentle, providing better protection against accidental collisions for children and pets. Additionally, our mesh baby gate features a high-strength structure that is scratch-resistant and durable, effectively resisting pet impacts and scratches.
  • Retractable Design:
  • This mesh gate can extend up to 60/76.8/116 inches wide, and the mesh is 31 inches tall, allowing you to adjust the opening size as needed. The retractable design makes it easy to store when not in use, taking up minimal space and keeping your home tidy and spacious.

Black 60in Specifications


Back 76.8in Specifications


Black 116in Specifications


White 60in Specifications


White 76.8in Specifications


White 116in Specifications


Grey 116 Inches Specifications


Grey 60 Inches Specifications


Grey 76.8 Inches Specifications


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