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VEVOR Aluminum Folding Hand Truck Heavy Duty

VEVOR Aluminum Folding Hand Truck Heavy Duty

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Brand Name: VEVOR


Certification: CE

Brand: VEVOR

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Carbon Steel

Load Capacity: 300/800/1000 lbs

Feature 1: Folding Hand Truck

Feature 2: Industrial Collapsible cart

Feature 3: Dolly Cart



Built Like a Tank, Moves Like a Sports Car


Our folding hand truck transforms from a 2-wheel hand truck to a 4-wheel platform truck in seconds. With a rock-solid weight capacity of up to 300/800/1,000 pounds, it makes heavy lifting a breeze.


Our hand truck dolly features solid PU wheels and universal wheels to promise smooth rides and steady stops. They're perfect for all terrains, from uneven grounds to grassy knolls and concrete paths.


When you're done, just fold this convertible hand truck up and stash it in your trunk. This space-saver is there when you need it, whether you're grocery shopping or moving mountains.


Tilt it, lay it flat, or stand it upright—how do you like your hand cart today? Ergonomically designed for comfort and utility, it even features a slip-resistant handle. Now you can choose your own moving adventure!


Our heavy duty hand truck's ergonomic handle lets you push or pull with ease. Space-saving, wheel-popping, and built with a frame that slides effortlessly over stairs—you're in for a smoothly efficient moving experience.

Features & Details

  • High Load Capacity: Ready for some heavy lifting? Meet your new best friend. With a hearty weight range of 300lbs / 550 to 800 pounds /800 to 1,000 pounds, this hand truck won't break a sweat for hauling, carrying, or transporting. Platform Truck Mode Size: 19.6"L x 46.4"W x 40.5"H; Hand Truck Mode Size: 19.6"L x 18.1"W x 51.5"H.

  • Roll Smooth, Brake Easy: Forget wobbly wheels and shaky trips. Our folding hand truck's solid PU wheels glide like butter and hold strong like a rock. Got a hill to climb or a sharp turn ahead? The 360° brake wheels have got your back. It's versatile across various terrains, including uneven grounds, grass, and cement floors.

  • Tough as a Tank: Our hand truck dolly's reinforced aluminum and carbon steel frame combines the best of both worlds: lightweight for easy toting and sturdy for heavy-duty tasks. Oh, and did we mention it? It is corrosion-resistant and rust-proof, ensuring a durable, reliable, and convenient user experience.

  • Four-in-One Flexibility: Straight up, tilted back, or laid flat—how do you roll? This ergonomic convertible hand truck transforms into four different carts in seconds. Need more carrying options? Our non-slip handle's got you covered! Choose the mode that best suits your needs for moving goods.

  • Snap, Fold, Store: Done for the day? Our wheels pop off in a jiffy. Fold it flat and slide it under the bed or in the garage. This heavy duty hand truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor loading or moving tasks, such as in warehouses, gardens, construction sites, supermarkets, and offices.

1000 lbs


300 lbs Black


300 lbs Sliver


800 lbs



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