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Privacy Light Filtering, White31" W x 72" H Freight free

Privacy Light Filtering, White31" W x 72" H Freight free

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About this item

  • PRIVACY AND SUNLIGHT HARMONY: Unlock the art of achieving a harmonious balance between privacy and natural light with our motorized blackout shades. Impeccably crafted from high-quality polyester fabric adorned with an exquisite zebra stripe design, these shades do more than just shield your space from unwanted eyes. They infuse warmth and elegance into your living area, elevating your home's ambiance.
  • SAFE FOR EVERYONE: Our smart blinds are designed with the utmost consideration for your loved ones – children and pets. With cordless design, we've removed the potential danger of entanglement and suffocation hazards. For individuals with limited mobility, our motorized shades provide an effortless solution. They can easily adjust the shades using a remote control, without the need to physically move around.
  • ELEVATE YOUR SMART LIVING: Our electric window blinds come equipped with Zigbee chip, which are designed for a hassle-free smart upgrade. With the addition of  Zigbee Hub, you can effortlessly manage your curtains using your smartphone from anywhere. Better yet, these blinds can seamlessly integrate with popular smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings through the hub. Easily achieve smart life! (Note: The Hub is not included in the package.)
  • ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE: Experience the convenience of home automation with our motorized window shades! With the effortless touch of a remote, you can easily adjust your curtains, whether you're in a laid-back lounging position or perched on your favorite chair. With ultra-low energy consumption technology, your curtains stay powered for an impressive 4-6 months on just one charge, delivering not only exceptional convenience but also remarkable savings in both time and money.
  • INSTALLATION GUIDE: Our smart curtains are crafted to be 0.5" narrower than your ordered width for a perfect fit. Inside installation requires a minimum 3" window depth, a maximum 72" height, and a window width equal to or greater than your order width. For outside installation, keep the window height under 68" and choose shades larger than your window to block the sun effectively. If you have questions or need assistance


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