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paw cleaner dog Pet Paw Washer Automatic USB Rechargeable Soft Brushes Portable Dog Foot Cleaner for Small Medium Dogs paw clean

paw cleaner dog Pet Paw Washer Automatic USB Rechargeable Soft Brushes Portable Dog Foot Cleaner for Small Medium Dogs paw clean

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Brand Name: TOPINCN

Dog Litter Item Type: Diapers

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Fast And Efficient: Clean your pet's feet in seconds with the pet paw wash. Small and portable for hiking, walking or traveling, or leave it on your doorstep for use.Easy To Use: Pour 2/3 cup of water and shampoo into the pet paw cleaner, place your pet's feet in it, turn it on, and it will automatically clean the paws.Comfortable: The pet paw cleaner's brushes are made of soft, flame retardant plastic bristles that gently remove dirt, grime and hair, providing comfort for your pet's paws.USB Rechargeable: Pet foot cleaner comes with a USB cable so you can charge it with a charger. Keeps dirty footprints out of your home, floors, carpets, furniture and cars.Application: This dog foot wash cup is suitable for small to medium sized breeds such as Labradors, Huskies, Alaskan Sled Dogs, American Foxhounds, American Eskimos.Specification

Item Type: Pet Paw Washer
Material: ABS, Flame Retardant Plastic
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Model: 18650
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh (Shipped with Built in Battery)

How to Use
1. To the foot washer pour in the appropriate amount of water (how much water to put into the pet feet after the rotation of the machine does not overflow the right amount of water, add a little detergent effect is better).2. The pet feet into the foot washer, press the on button, the foot washer to 200RPM speed to the pet feet cleaning massage, 1 to 2 minutes to complete the cleaning of a foot. Remove the foot with a towel to dry.3. Cleaning is completed to pour the sewage into the sewer, directly in the faucet on the cleaner silicone brush to rinse, (the whole machine is strictly prohibited in the water).4. Finished using the foot washer safely placed in a place where pets or children should not touch.
Package List1 x Pet Paw Washer
1 x Charging Cable1 x Manual

1. Press the on button, the motor works, clockwise rotation, while the LED dazzling light is on. Press the shutdown button, the motor stops rotating, while the LED dazzling light off.2. Indicator light: the left indicator blue, representing the battery power to meet the work needs. The right indicator light red, representing the battery power does not meet the work needs, need to charge, charging shows red, the right indicator light off after fully charged, the left indicator light blue light on. After broadcasting the charging line, the left blue light turns off.3. Charging: The right side is the charging socket, UAB for port, the product can not work when charging. Can use the phone charging power or computer and USB charging port.4. When using for the first time, try cleaning for a few seconds to get your pet used to the cleaner.

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