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Mini Steppers for Exercise with Resistance Bands,

Mini Steppers for Exercise with Resistance Bands,

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About this item

  • Efficient Full-Body Engagement: The NICEBINGO mini stepper, equipped with two removable resistance bands, effectively engages your core, glutes, arms, and shoulders, allowing you to target key muscle groups with precision
  • Robust 300LB Weight Capacity: Crafted from premium 2mm steel, the stair stepper offers exceptional stability and supports a weight capacity of up to 300lbs, ensuring durability and safety
  • Smooth Hydraulic Drive System: The exercise stepper boasts a 45LBF hydraulic drive system that adheres to European standards, providing stable resistance and excellent shock absorption to protect your knees during workouts
  • Customizable Stride Heights: Adjust your workout intensity with ease using the 17-inch adjustable height feature, thanks to the convenient stride adjustment knob that allows for a personalized fitness experience
  • Fit Your Feet: With 13-inch oversized, non-slip pedals, NICEBINGO mini steppers accommodates various foot sizes, ensuring safety and preventing slips during your workout
  • Track Your Progress: Stay on top of your fitness goals with the built-in LCD display, which showcases essential workout metrics such as step count, time, calories burned, scan mode, and reps per minute, helping you optimize your exercise routine
  • Easy Setup and Space-Saving Design: The portable step machine requires no installation and boasts a compact design, taking up just 1.6 square feet of space. You can effortlessly use it at home, in your apartment, office, or even under your desk

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