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Body Stretching Device Cervical Lumbar Fatigue And Minor Injurie New Therapy Massage Bed Table Traction Bench

Body Stretching Device Cervical Lumbar Fatigue And Minor Injurie New Therapy Massage Bed Table Traction Bench

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Nowadays, both elderly people with osteoporosis and sedentary young people are prone to suffering from cervical, lumbar, and shoulder pain. Instead of wasting time repeatedly going to the hospital, you can have your exclusive treatment equipment. Our multifunctional body stretcher will become your health guardian! With its companionship, you can effectively stretch multiple joints and bones, improving your health.

It is suitable for people between 4.75 to 6.07 feet tall and weighing less than 264.5 pounds to soothe and stretch their neck, shoulders, waist, and legs, or for those with cervical spondylosis, spinal deformation, lumbar disc herniation to alleviate their condition. You can put it in places such as bedrooms, corridors, home gyms, and offices.

Material: Steel, Sponge, PU
Color: Black, White
Style: Modern
Surface Treatment: Spray Molding
Assembly Required: Yes
Special Feature: Adjustable
Use for: Head, Back, Legs, Neck, Waist
Number of Items: 1
Adjustable Length:
Adjustable Length Unit:
Applicable Height: 1.45-1.85m/4.75-6.07ft
Maximum Bearing Capacity: 120kg/264.5lbs
Gross Weight: 19.85kg/43.76lbs
Net Weight: 18.1kg/40lbs
Head Height: 50-58cm/19.7-22.8in
Foot Height: 53-60cm/20.8-23.6in
Product Length: 1.5-1.9m/4.9-6.2ft
Product Size(H*W): 40*36cm/15.74*14.17in
Package Size: 86*40*30cm/33.85*15.74*11.81

Package Included
1*Multifunctional Body Stretcher
1*Full Body Protective Clothing
1*English Manual
All Accessories for Assembly


Key Features
Health-Guard: It effectively corrects bent or deformed vertebrae, soothes tense nerves, and helps alleviate pain in the neck, shoulder, waist, and leg joints. It even has a certain degree of therapeutic effect on cervical spondylosis, back pain, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain, and lumbar bone hyperplasia.

Safe & Simple: The wheel design adopts the principles of mechanical physics, with simple operation and strong power. You just need to lie on the bench and fix yourself, then you can rotate the handle to start stretching according to your needs.

Full Body Care: You can stretch your neck, shoulders, waist, and legs at the same time, stretching multiple body parts simultaneously within 15 minutes (recommended stretching time per day) to improve the health of multiple bones and muscles.

Compact & Space-saving: This simple and portable bench is very user-friendly with limited space. Its size allows it to be placed in bedrooms, gyms, offices, and other places, and when you are not using it, it can be placed upright, occupying only the footprint of about 2 ft².

Adjustable Design: The adjustable design adapts to a wider range of people(4.75 to 6.07 feet), providing a more comfortable and effective experience and the scale on the frame allows you to easily adjust it to the most suitable length for you. The height of the foot support can also be adjusted between 20.8in to 23.6in while the height of the head support can be adjusted between 19.7in to 22.8in to meet the needs of more people.

Durable & Sturdy: The frame made of square steel through linear welding and spray molding process is stable and sturdy, with a maximum load capacity of 264.5 lbs.

Comfortable Experience: The headrest that conforms to the curve of the human body allows you to relax more, combined with the form of a bench, it can obtain appropriate traction and pressure relief without the need for flipping, so it is a good substitute for an inverted table. PU combined with elastic sponge filling makes you feel more comfortable.

Ideal Gift: It is an ideal gift for parents, grandparents, elders, or other individuals with sub-healthy joints and spines. It can help them achieve better health and make them feel your care and love for them.

Protective Packaging: This product comes in pearl cottons and bubble wraps that resist common compression and falls to prevent product damage in transit as much as possible.

Sponge Foot Support: A soft sponge foot support provides support points for your lower limbs when lying down and protects your ankles.

Support Arm: It plays an auxiliary role, allowing your arm to have a point of focus during the stretching and better turn the wheel, and making it easier for you to get up.

1.Please carefully read the manual and strictly follow the precautions to have a better experience.
2.This product requires a long-term operation, please be careful not to overuse it.
3.Please follow the principle of tolerable intensity and do not use excessive traction to achieve quick results. If there is discomfort in the bones and joints during use, please suspend use for a few days.
4.Please note that before using this machine, measures such as hot compress, warm-up, and soaking should be taken to relax the muscles and bones of the whole body, which can help improve the effect, especially in severe cold seasons.
5.It is recommended to use this device before bedtime for the best effect. It should be used 1-2 times a day, depending on personal needs. Generally, it is recommended to use it in 5 small sections for 15 minutes each time.
6.Please note that individuals who have experienced fractures, arthritis, degenerative arthritis, or inflammation of the ligaments or intervertebral discs, as well as those with severe illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, and pregnant children, should be instructed to use by a physician.
7.Please note that anyone who uses it for rehabilitation therapy should be instructed by a physician to use it.
8.It is recommended to lie still for a moment after stretching to allow the spine and muscles to have a proper recovery and rest.
Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before you order.


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