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36”H Free Standing Pet Gate for Dog Cat Baby,

36”H Free Standing Pet Gate for Dog Cat Baby,

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Origin: US(Origin)


Type: Dogs


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    was born in 2017, which is composed of three words "unique", "pet" and "awesome", which shows our original intention: To make unique and awesome pet products.

    is dedicated to combining pet supplies with furniture. Let pet supplies blend with home. Restoring a clean and tidy home for pet lovers and saving their money on furniture.






    Pet Supplies




    Why do we love what we do

    Give pets the best possible care.






    Pet Supplies




    Why do we love what we do

    Integrate your pets into the home.






    Pet Supplies



  8. Our Mission

    is committed to providing the best pet products for pets from birth to old, serving them throughout their lives.

    Our Promise

    We're always here for our customers. If you have any problem with the product, please get in touch with us by email, we will solve the problem for you within 24 hours.

    Our Core Values

    The purpose of our business is to use high-quality materials to manufacture products to ensure quality. Even though our prices can't be cheap, you'll find it worth it.




Product Description



Why Use a Dog Gate?

Keeping dogs out of certain areas is only one of several reasons why you might want to consider using a dog gate. There are actually several situations where it can be a good idea to set up a gate that keeps your dog confined.


  • Keeping multiple dogs separated from one another
  • Keeping your dog away from a young infant, or vice versa
  • Keeping your dog away from your cat's stuff
  • Keeping your dog confined temporarily, with more freedom to roam than a dog kennel
  • Protecting your dog

Hazards of not using dog gate in daily life.


Messy dogs.



No limits and dangerous.



The war of cats and dogs.



Dogs pees on the carpet.


What is the advantage of the pet gate over the competition?



    Two Support Feet Included

    dog gate comes with 2 support feet to stable. Reduce the gate knock down. Many other competitors do not offer support feet and you also need to find the suitable support feet for stability.


    360º Two-way Connection Hinges

    Makes panels could be arranged in any shape, easy to fold and store. Not like other competitors' one-way hinges limit the change of shape.


    Quality material and painting. No moldy.

    dog gate used quality material and is sealed with quality paint. No moldy complaint of dog gate. Unlike some competitors' gate which complained by customers about moldy.


    Heavy and Stable

    The weight of dog gates is heavier than many other competitors, which looks more textured. In addition, the gates will more stable for heavy weight. Reduce knock down.


    Anti-Scratch Protection

    Each pet gate features with rubber pads at the bottom, preventing scratching the floor & enhancing stability.


    Tallest Wooden Dog Gate on the Market.

    unipaws designed 36" Height dog gate for our customers. This is the highest wooden dog gate on the market right now. If you need a high dog gate. unipaws is your best choice.




How do you keep your dog from pushing the gate?

Please do the puppy training to let your puppy learn boundaries in the house when you start to use this gate. Gradually, the dog will not go past it because they know it is not allowed.

How far apart are the slats? What's the largest area this can cover and still be stable?

1.57" between the slats. The 60"W dog gate is ideal for 36" to 55" wide doorways. And the 80"W dog gate is ideal for 48" to 75" wide doorways.

What's the material of the product?

MDF. MDF has a higher density than paticle boards, which reduces damaged situation. Also, it is heavier than most solid wood, which make the gate more stable. The surface is smoother than the other two materials and looks more textured.

What kind of dog is the gate suitable for?

Small dogs for 24" height gate and medium/large dogs for 36" height gate. Please notice that not recomend for a jumper or a active or aggressive dog. Also, it is not for chewers.

Does it stand up well on carpeting?

Yes! It stands up well on carpeting as long as you are using it in a accordion-like way. The straighter it is, the less stable it is on all surfaces.

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